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Three researched-based modules are used for training S2S Members:


Academics: (Requirements, Process, Access) e. g., Test Assessments, Progress Reporting, Programs and Opportunities, Enrichment Support. 

Relationships: (Acceptance, Attributes, Friendships) e.g., Faculty/ Staff, Groups, Organizations, Peers, Local, On/Off Campus

Finding the Way: (Attention, Orientation, Appreciation) e. g., The Community, the Campus, the Culture, Rules/Policies, School Documents, Structures

Student 2 Student


What is Student 2 Student?


The MCEC Student 2 Student (S2S) program trains civilian and military-connected high school students to establish and sustain peer-based programs in their schools to support mobile children as they transition to and from the school.

Each meets very real transitioning student needs with:

  • Immediate peer credibility
  • Positive peer relationships
  • Valued information about the school and the community

A delegation from the school is trained to return to their home campus to provide leadership to support students who are transitioning to or from their school. The team is composed of advisors and students. The focus is student-centered, and is student-led, with close supervision. The development of student trainers who can return to their home campus to train other peers is critical to the success and credibility of the program.

The researched-based modules incorporate planning, technology, resources, goal setting, support systems, and elements of transitioning in and out of the campus. Through the training, the team develops well-prepared local lesson plans and clear team assignments for implementation at their home campuses.