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Cooperative Mkt. Education II/Marketing Research (DECA) (2nd Yr.)

Cooperative Marketing Education II - 3 credits

Students enrolled in cooperative Marketing II received course credit for successful completion of classroom academics in the course in which they are enrolled and on the job training through this course. Students work under the guidance of a teacher facilitator in collaboration with community members/business representatives who serve as on-the-job trainers. Students are evaluated both in the classroom and on the job. The final course grade is a combination of classroom and work site job performance. (Prerequisite: Cooperative Marketing Education I, transportation is required)

Marketing Research - 1 credit

The Marketing Research course is designed to introduce students to the process of obtaining data needed to make sound business decisions.  The research process and how management of information obtained is used to assist in problem solving are covered, as well as its value in predicting outcomes for new business opportunities. Skills in math, psychology, human relations, communications, and technical writing are reinforced in this course.  Work-based learning strategies appropriate for this course are cooperative education, paid/unpaid internships, and apprenticeships.  Marketing simulations, projects, teamwork, DECA leadership activities, meeting, conferences, and competitions provide many opportunities for application of instructional competencies. (Prerequisites: English I II)