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Uniform Wear Policy Letter

Policy Letter

MEMORANDUM FOR: Bossier High School JROTC Instructors and Cadets

FROM: David Thrash, Principal

SUBJECT: JROTC Uniform Policy

  1. The Bossier High School Air Force Junior ROTC uniform policy is as follows:
    1. At the discretion of the Senior Aerospace Science Instructor, JROTC Instructors will wear the ABU or FDU Monday through Wednesday, Class A or B on Thursday and school appropriate PT attire on Friday, . 
    2. Freshmen enrolled in JROTC will be issued uniform in the first three weeks of the semester and will be required to wear the uniform by the fourth week.
    3. All Sophomore, Junior, and Senior cadets will be issued uniforms and will wear them beginning on the third week of school on designated uniform days.
    4. Wednesdays are designated as optional ABU wear days at the discretion of the Cadet Corps Commander.
    5. Thursday’s are designated as JROTC uniform days. It is the responsibility of all faculty and staff to assist in making sure cadets wear the uniform properly throughout the day and report any suspected uniform violations to the JROTC staff. Any JROTC student who is absent on uniform day will wear their uniform on their first day back to school.
  2. This letter supersedes all previous uniform policy letters.





David Thrash

Principal, Bossier High School