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Custom Sewing

Custom Sewing

Custom Sewing I- 1 credit

This course continues past Advanced Clothing and Textiles. Students will participate in wardrobe planning & recycling, pattern design and alterations, constructing simple garments, research and create fashion designs from various cultures and time frames in history, and research various designers. Students will learn about the retail side of fashion and the laws associated with the fashion industry. Students will also explore career options and take the Pre-Pac assessment.

(Prerequisite: FACS I, Clothing and Textiles/Advanced Clothing and Textiles, and 11th-12th grade status)


Custom Sewing II-1 credit

Extended study of Custom Sewing I.  Students are able to pursue certification in Fashion, Textiles, and Apparel through the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences. (Prerequisite: Custom Sewing I and 10th-12th grade status)