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Unit Goal 4

Goal Description

Use Kitty Hawk Society’s 4 office-holding cadets to tutor and mentor cadets throughout semester. Reduce course failures to less than 5%. 


Person(s) of Charge

Cadet Makalya Nall and Cadet Karina Hernandez 



Target Set By: (First semester: 4 subjects x 46 cadets x .05 less than 9 subject failures) (Second semester: 4 subjects x 40 cadets x 0.05 less than 8 subject failures)

Timeline: Throughout first and second semester 

Tracking: Instructors determine cadets failing courses after 4.5-week periods and offer those cadets study halls. Track progress during term.







Does your goal clearly and specifically state what you are trying to achieve? 

If your goal is particularly large or lofty, try breaking it down into smaller, specific SMART goals. 



How will you (and others) know if progress is being made on achieving your goal? 

Can you quantify or put numbers to your outcome? 



Is achieving your goal dependent on anyone else? 

Is it possible to reframe your goal so it only depends on you and not others? 

What factors may prevent you from accomplishing your goal? 



Why is achieving this goal important to you? 

What values in your life does this goal reflect? 

What effect will achieving your goal have on your life or on others? 



When will you reach your goal? 

Again, if your goal is particularly large, try breaking it down into smaller goals with appropriate incremental deadlines.



Todays Date: 1 OCT 16
Date by which you plan to achieve your goal: 1 May 17

What is your goal in one sentence? (Whats the bottom line?) Provide weekly study halls where cadets help each other to reduce subject failures to less than 9 (first semester) and 8 second semester

The benefits of achieving this goal will be...- Students will improve their GPAs this semester

Specific: What exactly will you accomplish? Perform 7 study halls throughout the 18 week semester. Study halls will facilitate students volunteering to help and be helped. Allow student-to-student tutoring during each 40 min session (2:25-3:05pm, Wednesdays)

Measurable: How will you (and others) know when you have reached your goal? - POC will maintain a CC log in WINGS of weekly attendance and track till 7 sessions are completed.

page1image46664 page1image46824

Verify that your goal is S.M.A.R.T. 

page1image51136 page1image51296

Attainable: Is attaining this goal realistic with effort and commitment? YES

Do you have the resources to achieve this goal? YES

If not, how will you get them? - NA

Relevant: Why is this goal important to you? We wish to establish JROTC as an organization that achieves not only military excellence, but academic excellence as well. We also want to provide a means to get outside students involved in our program to possibly help recruit for our program (ID potential recruits​). To maintain corps numbers and prevent loss through RTI.

Time-bound: When will you achieve this goal? End of Each Semester



What specific steps must you take to achieve your goal?

This action plan may just get you started. Feel free to create a more detailed step-by-step plan. 

Task / to-do item


Expected completion date

Date actually completed

Schedule/Recruit Cadets Ongoingpage2image14408 TBD
Schedule/Recruit Others Ongoingpage2image17008 page2image18984TBD
Weekly Tracking of Numbers Ongoing TBD
Weekly Posting of Numbers on KW Ongoing TBD
Schedule Specific Tudors (Needs) Ongoing TBD
    page2image31720 page2image32520


What obstacles stand in the way of you achieving your goal? Getting cadets/students to commit and remain loyal to study hall activity.



How will you address the challenges if/when they arise? Assign specific staff cadets to partner with other cadets (accountability partners)


Explain what you have changed here.