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Military Ball Information

 Military Ball Tickets 






See Lt. Col. Johnson to purchase your ticket ASAP!!!!!!

This year's theme is Hot and cold!

Tickets on sale starting (March 3 to March 21)

Military Ball is on March 22, 2014

Starts at 7:00pm, be there at 6:30pm

$25 per couple, $15 per cadet, $10 per family member

Military Ball Committee President is April Sainz.

Talk to her for more info

What is Military Ball?

A military ball is a formal dinner, award ceremony, and dance event that is typically attended by soldiers at a military base or members of an ROTC program. Anyone in Bossier High School is welcomed to the Bossier High School JROTC Military Ball.

Dress Code

Females- Formal Attire. APPROPRIATE dress Length and coverage.

Males in ROTC- ROTC Uniform with White long sleeve button up shirt and uniform tie. Service coat, NO wind breakers.

Males not in ROTC- Formal Attire. No casual wear; shorts, jeans, hats, or sneakers are NOT allowed.

Military Ball is a Formal Event. Please dress accordingly. Thank You!