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Bossier High
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Contact Shelby Ansley  Shelby Ansley Teacher
Contact Tyron Barnes  Tyron Barnes Teacher
Contact Pat Becker  Pat Becker (318) 549-6713 Teacher, English II & Creative Writing; Co-Sponsor, Sophomore Class
Contact Nick Bohanan  Nick Bohanan Teacher
Contact Joshua Bryan  Joshua Bryan (318) 549-6748 Environmental Sci., Biology, Anatomy, Physical Sci.
Contact Michael Concilio  Michael Concilio (318) 549-6762 Civics Teacher/Head Football
Contact David Cook  David Cook (318) 549-6751 Chemistry, Physics, Cyber Literacy, Cyber Science
Contact Christa Denney  Christa Denney (318) 549-6710 CTE Teacher/Athletic Coordinator
Contact Karrie Docter  Karrie Docter (318) 549-6717 Teacher, Sophomore Class sponsor, SADD sponsor
Contact Michelle Doolittle  Michelle Doolittle (318) 549-6723 Teacher - BSLVA
Contact Jessica Douglas  Jessica Douglas Teacher
Contact Natalie Dubois  Natalie Dubois (318) 549-6725 Teacher
Contact Valerie Evans  Valerie Evans (318) 549-6708 Teacher
Contact Gayla Fowler  Gayla Fowler (318) 549-6706 Teacher- BSVLA
Contact Cil Guerrero  Cil Guerrero (318) 549-6734 Department of Mathematics, Cheerleader Sponsor, Senior Class Sponsor, Credit R
Contact Sharon Hahn  Sharon Hahn (318) 549-6731 Teacher
Contact Ashley Hall  Ashley Hall Teacher
Contact Kevin Hastie  Kevin Hastie Teacher
Contact James Holland  James Holland (318) 549-6722 Teacher
Contact Andrew Hollenshead  Andrew Hollenshead (318) 549-6750 Environmental Science Teacher
Contact James Johnston  James Johnston (318) 549-6754 Senior Aerospace Science Instructor
Contact Evelyn Jones  Evelyn Jones (318) 549-6743 Teacher, Lead , Sponsor LEO Club
Contact Macie McClure  Macie McClure (318) 549-6712 Teacher
Contact Rahkeem Mitchell  Rahkeem Mitchell Teacher
Contact Jacob Moak  Jacob Moak Teacher
Contact Trina Moore  Trina Moore (318) 549-6724 Teacher, Family and Consumer Science
Contact Tiffany Newman  Tiffany Newman (318) 549-6709 Teacher
Contact Robin Nichols  Robin Nichols (318) 549-6719 CTE/Business Department Head; Facilitator, Credit Recovery; Media/Publications
Contact Samantha Parker  Samantha Parker (318) 549-6701 ex: 102 ELA Teacher
Contact Colene Pipes  Colene Pipes (318) 549-6716 Teacher, AP English Lang & Lit, Yearbook
Contact James Polk  James Polk Teacher
Contact Daniel Russell  Daniel Russell Teacher
Contact Aimee Shelton  Aimee Shelton Teacher
Contact Cherise Sims  Cherise Sims Teacher
Contact Kevin Smith  Kevin Smith Teacher
Contact Stacy Smith  Stacy Smith (318) 549-6697 Librarian; Senior Class Sponsor
Contact Michael Stacy  Michael Stacy (318) 549-6746 Dept. Chair - Biology, Human Anatomy, AP Env. Sci., Honors Physical Science
Contact Patrick Steen  Patrick Steen Teacher
Contact Angie Stephenson  Angie Stephenson Teacher
Contact Gene Strogen  Gene Strogen Teacher
Contact Robin Tate  Robin Tate Teacher
Contact Clint Walker  Clint Walker (318) 549-6749 Environmental Science Teacher/ Asst. Football and Head Boys Track
Contact Anne Wallace  Anne Wallace Teacher
Contact Greta Whitlock  Greta Whitlock Teacher
Contact LaTonya Williams  LaTonya Williams (318) 549-6695 Teacher
Contact Allen Wood  Allen Wood (318) 549-6739 Math Teacher, Asst. Football Coach, Head Girls Soccer Coach
Contact Chad Yates  Chad Yates Teacher
Contact Suzanne Zortman  Suzanne Zortman Teacher